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Gameboy Color Front Light Install Guide

Hello all here is the GBC install guide. 11 pics with text added. Yes its no fancy PDF file, but things will get polished up as we progress.

Install guide

Install guide


Install guide

Install guide

IMG_20131018_165400 IMG_20131018_165609 IMG_20131018_165713 IMG_20131028_110939 IMG_20131028_111301 IMG_20131028_112356 IMG_20131026_124535 IMG_20131024_213407


Modification services, Kits and Accessories

Here is pricing for kits, services and accessories.

Pre-modded Gameboy advance w/back light+glass lens                                                                                  $110 + $8 S&H

GBA back light installation (kit+service only)                                                                                   $80 + $8 S&H

GBA back light Kit(kit only)                                                                                                                 $52 + $5 S&H

GBA glass lens $8 + $5 S&H

Pre-modded gameboy color(comes with new screen cover and custom buttons from kitsch-bent) $70 + $8 S&H

GBC front light installation(kit+service only)                                                                                     $40 + $8 S&H

GBC front light kit $25 + $5 S&H

NOTE: The pre-modded gameboys will be normal color and design, original colors vary.

custom designed GBA’s will be put up on the store separately.

If you would like a custom theme or design you do not see please contact us.

We will be adding more services very soon.

All sytems and kits are sent out USPS priority mail w/tracking