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Kiwi GBC Front-lit

Here is a Kiwi color GBC that has been front-lit and has had a new screen cover installed(still has film on). This GBC also has translucent green buttons, d-pad and power switch from kitsch-bent. It can be purchased here http://tinyurl.com/kvg2wcj  $60 plus $8 shipping, ships priority with tracking.

Kiwi GBC


Pokemon GBC Front-lit

I have one of these left. It is front-lit and has been thoroughly cleaned and tested. It does not have a new screen covers as these are limited editions. $90 plus $8 shipping, ships priority with tracking.

Pokemon GBC

GBA and GBC stock up

Hello everyone I’ll try to keep updates rolling out on products and new merchandise. While we wait on supplies we are gathering up GBA’s and GBC’s and thouroghly cleaning and prepping them for moddification and customization. We strive to maintain the highest standards and units that are defective and broken are never used. All of our systems are tested to make sure we deliver a functioning quality unit. Pics of the work shop coming soon 🙂