Q. Are your systems new or refurbished?                                                                                       A. Our systems are used pieces(unless noted otherwise) that are meticulously cleaned and         tested and brought back to like new condition.

Q. If there is a problem with the unit will you repair the issue and or replace the unit or give     a refund?                                                                                                                                         A. Again our products go through a very meticulous and thorough inspection before being         sent out to the customer ensuring a quality and properly working unit. We do however           offer a 25 day money back guarantee on DEFECTIVE UNITS only. So if you receive a system       and it falls apart or stops functioning within 25 days from purchase date you may return it     for a full refund minus shipping, we do not refund shipping.

Q. Do you take custom orders or do commission work? Do you offer install services?                 A. We do take requests for custom orders. Normally how many custom orders we take and         turn around time just depend on our overall work load. Install services are also offered           and generally have a very fast turn around time.

Q. Where are you located?                                                                                                                 A. We are a U.S. seller and shipper. We are located in Naperville Illinois a suburb of the         Chicago land area. Rest assured that our packages make it all over the country very         quickly due to our centralized location.


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