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Kiwi GBC Front-lit

Here is a Kiwi color GBC that has been front-lit and has had a new screen cover installed(still has film on). This GBC also has translucent green buttons, d-pad and power switch from kitsch-bent. It can be purchased here  $60 plus $8 shipping, ships priority with tracking.

Kiwi GBC


Pokemon GBC Front-lit

I have one of these left. It is front-lit and has been thoroughly cleaned and tested. It does not have a new screen covers as these are limited editions. $90 plus $8 shipping, ships priority with tracking.

Pokemon GBC

GBA update

It seems we have been stirring things up here at bit dreams. We will be going into full production this week. Right now we are waiting on a shipment of wonder swans and neo geo pockets as well as the glass lenses for the GBA’s. We do have some gameboy micros as well that just came out of sandblasting and will be powder coated soon. Kits have been selling at a rapid pace and I’ll have to order more this week. And to everyone who has personally thanked me for my lower prices, your welcome. We are here to serve and try to make everything as affordable as possible while still maintaining the highest standards. Even the biggest companies had small begginings. Right now our only issue is with supplies and like I said by the end of the week that will be met. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and reassured us there is a place for Bit Dream Gaming in the community.

Progress report

We have been working hard finding the best supplies and supply sources. We have also been working hard on marketing and advertisement, while this blog page doesnt have to much activity yet the real fun has been happening on facebook. We have purchased our own .com and for now it just redirects to this blog. Backlight kits are enroute as well as glass lenses for the GBA’s. We’ve been making slow but steady progress, and creating some ripples in the gaming community as well. We only have two followers of the blog(hundreds more on FB) but one of them happens to be a somewhat famous retro game guru! I woke up saturday morning, checked my email and said to my wife, guess who’s following the blog lol! What we are doing here at Bit Dream Gaming is something that anyone with the proper amount of time, money and perseverance(of course the proper skillset) can do. We will be releasing how to’s and posting various methods as well. What we do here is not a secret and never will be 🙂 Heres a pic of a small batch of GBA’s that are going to be prepped for paint and screens.

small gba batch