Video games have been a part of my life since i was first introduced to the coleco vision at age 3. Since then i remember putting stickers and custom character graphics my father would print for me at his shop on my nintendo and snes to the first time i ever painted an original gameboy. Around 12 i really started to get into the electronic side of things. Ive modded ps1’s, ps2’s, sega saturns, sega game gears, sega nomads, and all the gameboy line. I am an electronic engineer and do maintain full time employment. Lately ive been modding so many systems for my friends and local referrals that ive decided to turn my hobby into a small business.

Bit Dream Gaming was born from passion and out of necessity for quality mods and products at a fair price. Rest assured i have all the equipment to get the job done right. I do powder coat, have a paint booth, sand blasting equipment, soldering equipment, casting equipment, access to the right parts and supplies. Im am also in the process of procuring a 3D printer and mini cnc for some neat ideas i have in mind.

I am currently building some stock of GBA’s all with custom cast buttons, custom case designs and graphics. I am making a themed line of GBA’s that will be one off and never produced again. I am expanding from GBA’s as well and will be offering other Collectible Gaming merchandise. If there is ever a product or service you see and would like feel more than free to contact me. Keep an eye out for new products, announcements and services that are hard to find or not offered elsewhere.

© 2013 Bit Dream Gaming


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